Logging in through an active directory
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Logging in using active directory means that a user can log in with the domain account or the e-mail address of the hospital and the related password.
This is an optional integration and can only be set up for radiology departments. If you are interested, please contact Dobco Medical Systems for more information.
Go to the hospital’s login page and select I am a doctor and I want to log in with my account.
In the username field, enter the username or e-mail address of the hospital and click CONTINUE.
Now enter the password, registered with the hospital for the related account and click Log In
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Active Directory Federation Services
In case the active directory integration has been set up using ADFS, you will be redirected to a separate page, hosted by the hospital to complete the password.
After succesfully logging on to PACSonWEB for the first time, a One Time Password (OTP) is sent by text to the registered mobile phone for the account and the page "Extra security: Enter One-Time-Password" will be displayed to enter the received code. Enter the code and click Continue.
In case an incorrect OTP is entered, you will not be logged in. If an incorrect OTP code is used 5 times, the account will be locked.
If everything has been entered correctly, the overview page will be displayed.
If you have connected with a password that does not meet the PACSonWEB password policy (any more), a "Password complexity" pop-up will be displayed stating that your current password does not meet our password complexity rules and it will no longer be safe to log in.
Change your password in the user settings page to meet the imposed password complexity so you can keep logging onto PACSonWEB beyond the mentioned date.
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The password complexity is not checked when using ADFS