Multi Monitor configuration
Perform the following steps to configure your monitor setup:
Step 1: Select your diagnostic monitors
Click a monitor to select / deselect it as a diagnostic monitor.
Click "Split" to divide a large screen in two virtual separate monitors. Click "Merge" to undo this.
Step 2: Select the location of the study tab
Show title bar is selected by default.
If you choose to deselect it, it can always be manually turned on from the button "Visible elements".
Step 3: Select the non-diagnostic monitor
In this step you have the option to bring the non-diagnostic monitor to front or not.
By default this is checked, so the default behavior does not change.
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If in step 1, you selected only one monitor as non-diagnostic, this configuration step will be skipped.
Step 4: Select location of series picker(s)
You can modify the location of the series picker by clicking the monitor.
The series picker will be displayed subsequently on the selected screen on the left side, the right side or not at all.
Step 5: Location of patient history bar
You can either display or hide the series picker at the bottom of the screen by clicking on a the monitor.
Step 6: Confirm the monitor configuration
Click "Finish" to confirm your monitor configuration.
By default the checkbox to use this configuration for all users is enabled.
If other people using the same workstation in a different configuration you should disable this option.