Worklist configuration

1. Predefined worklists

For every source there are 4 predefined worklists:
All for source: this worklist contains all studies for the source
All my reviews: this worklist contains all studies on status 'Pending second validation' where the Validating user is the current logged in user
All my unread: this worklist contains all unread studies for which the logged in user is marked as "Reading user"
All unread: this worklist contains all unread studies for this source
These worklists cannot be deleted or changed. Changes can be made but have to be saved as a new worklist.
It is possible to create worklists on user level or on group level.
Select one of the predefined worklists and add extra filters to create the desired worklist.
For example, to create a worklist which contains only unread studies of the modality CT and MR, perform the following steps:
Select the worklist "All unread" from the drop down menu on the top left
In the filter list, select the modalities CT and MR
Save the newly created worklist by clicking on the icon on the bottom left
Give a name and description for the worklist
Save it for yourself (user) or group
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To save the worklist for a group, the user has to be admin of the group.

2. Use of columns and filters

Fill in the required fields or select the required values from the multiselect boxes.
Study date can be used as a relative date/period.
This means, for example, when selecting "last 7 days", this will be automatically updated the next day.
By default, the orders in the worklist are sorted first on priority and second on study date (oldest to newest). It is possible to use sorting filters by clicking on the description of the column.
To use more than one sorting hold the SHIFT key. The numbers will show the sorting ranking.

3. Customization of columns and filters

The predefined worklists have a default set of columns and filters.
These can be changed according to personal preferences. Click on the icon as shown in the screenshot to open the settings for filters/columns.
First icon is for filter settings, the second for columns settings.
Check or uncheck the filters/columns you wish to display/remove from the filter or column list. Click and drag them to another place to change the order of display.
Click on "Apply" when finished.
Filter settings Column settings
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The icon, displayed in the Report column, differs according to the report status:
Draft report
Preliminary report
Validated report
Auto saved report
The "Extra" column can contain icons for the following statuses:
Messages (confirmed/unconfirmed)
Filtered study
Canceled study
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A worklist can also be configured based on the filter "Anomalies". However, the Anomalies filter is only accessible for source admins.
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The filter "Procedure Code" is not supported in Internet Explorer.
After applying the changes, you will see the orange triangle at the bottom of the page.
This is to indicate that changes have been made to the default of the worklist.
If you want to keep these changes you will have to save them as a new worklist by clicking the icon.

4. Deleting a worklist

To delete a worklist, click on the cross icon as shown below.
caution-patient-safety Label


Deleting a worklist cannot be undone.

5. Default worklist

To make a worklist your default worklist click on the star icon as displayed below.
When opening POW, the worklist marked as default will be opened.

6. Dashboard

The Dashboard contains shortcuts of your personal selection of worklists. The purpose of these shortcuts is to have an overview of the counts in the worklist without the need to open the worklist.
The count refreshes automatically.
6.1 Adding a worklist to your dashboard
Select the worklist you want to add to your dashboard.
Click on the dashboard icon.
In the following window, give an abbreviation for the shortcut (limited to 3 characters).
The threshold numbers will determine in which color the shortcut icon will be shown: grey, orange or red.
The shortcut icon will be displayed in the dashboard next to the PACSonWEB logo.
Clicking on this icon will open the worklist.
6.2 Editing/removing a shortcut from the dashboard
You can edit or remove a worklist from your dashboard by opening the related worklist, either by selecting it from your list of worklists or by clicking the related icon in the dashboard.
Click the dashboard icon to open the configuration window.
Here you can either edit your settings and save or remove the shortcut from the dashboard.

7. Overview Worklists

You can see an overview of all worklists available to you by clicking the "My Worklists" icon at the top left.
Predefined worklists are indicated with a 'P'.
Lists that you see because they are available to a group you belong to are marked with a 'G'.
The default worklist will be indicated in the dropdown with a yellow star icon.