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Company information

DOBCO Medical Systems N.V.

Nachtegaalstraat 6 W05

9240 Zele, Belgium


Software identification

PACSonWEB V3.3.903



Software identification

Released: 2024-07

CE1639 MD

Used third party software components

Active Reports | Commercial License

Spryng API | Commercial License

Clickatell API | Commercial License

CM API | Commercial License

Soluno API | Commercial License

PSWinCom | MIT License

Target365 | Commercial License

Payex | Commercial License

TinyMCE | GNU Lesser General Public License

RSDK | Commercial License

Dragon Medical Speechkit | Commercial License

Rabbit MQ | Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 | Three Clause BSD License

MsBuild | MIT License

.NET Core | MIT License

.NET Framework | Microsoft Software License

Fellow Oak | Microsoft Public License

Windows SDK | Microsoft Software License

C++ Redistributables | Microsoft Software License

NuGet Packages | MIT License

NPM Packages | Artistic License 2.0

Electron | MIT License

User manuals

The manual is provided in electronic format. Webversion or PDF.

Last revision: 2024-04

ref: BNL20

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