Image transformations
You have the possibility to change the positioning of the image by clicking “Image functions” from the toolbar and selecting “Image Transformations.
You can perform the following transformations:
Rotate counter clockwise
Rotate Clockwise
Flip Horizontal
Flip Vertical
Align left
Align top
Align right
Align bottom
Align center
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To rotate the image you can use the following short cut: CTRL + SHIFT (keyboard) + scroll (mouse wheel)
Save presentation state:
A Presentation State is an independent DICOM SOP Instance that contains information on how a particular image should be displayed.
This is used when a correction needs to be made for an image or multiple images.
For example: Flipping or rotating an image.
When the correction is applied, click on Save presentation state. Save presentation state
The last saved presentation state will be displayed.
A user can only save the presentation state if he is a source admin or has the permission SavePresentationState.