Logging in using an e-ID (BE only)
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In order to log in through e-ID, the e-ID software has to be installed on your PC and the Windows Certificate Propagation service must be running on your computer.
Click on the ‘I am a doctor or healthcare organization and I want to log in with an account’ box.
Click on the ‘Login with Itsme or eID’ button.
In the next screen click on 'Log in with eID card reader'.
Then follow the steps on the screen and choose 'Log in'.
Select the certificate with which you wish to log in and click on OK. Make sure that your electronic identity card is in your e-ID reader.
The print screens below may look slightly different, depending on the Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you are using.
Enter the PIN for your certificate and click 'OK'
Verify your name, select to log in as Civilian ('burger') and click Log In ('Profiel bevestigen').
In case you do not have an account yet, you will be guided to complete your account details (cf. Registration through e-ID (BE only)).
If you already have a account with all required details, you now have immediate access to all the studies you requested and that have been shared with you.
In case not all required details are available within PACSonWB, a dialog will be shown to complete the missing details:
Account details that are already registered but may not be altered for security reasons are shown but are grayed out.