Registration through e-ID (BE only)
In order to create your account through e-ID, please visit the page and go through the following steps
1. Click on I am a doctor or healthcare organization and I want to log in with an account. Subsequently, click on Login with Itsme of eID.
2. In the next screen click on Log in with eID card reader.
3. Then follow the steps on the screen and choose Log in.
4. Select the certificate with which you wish to log in and click on OK. Make sure that your electronic identity card is in your e-ID reader.
The print screens below may look slightly different, depending on the Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you are using.
5. Enter the PIN for your certificate and click OK
6. Verify your name, select to log in as Civilian ('burger') and click Log In ('Profiel bevestigen').
7. After authentication, a screen is displayed to complete the account details for your user.
All fields within this form are mandatory. Complete the form and click on Create and log in ('Aanmaken en inloggen').
The creation of the account can take several minutes.
8. After creating your account, the following screen will be displayed and you will receive a text message on the mobile number that was registered in the previous step.
Enter the code from the text message and choose and confirm a password of choice.
In case an incorrect SMS code is entered, the password will not be changed. If 5 times an incorrect SMS code is used the account will be locked.
Finally click on Activate to complete the creation and activation of your account.
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The chosen password must have a minimum of 8 characters and must contain at least 1 numerical and 1 alphabetical character.
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Log in with user name and password
After registering with eID you can also log in with user name and password:
username = the e-mail address that was used when creating the account (step 7)
password = the password chosen when activating the account (step 8)
Once activated, the account is ready for use and you are now redirected to the logon screen where you can log on by e-ID or by using your username and password.