Requesting an account with the service desk
If you want to register for a PACSonWEB account and you choose not to do this through e-ID (cf. Registration through e-ID (BE only)) you can file an account request with our service desk.
Click on No account yet?
Complete the listed fields (fields, marked with * are mandatory) and click SEND.
This files an account request with our service desk and you will be contacted as soon as possible by an employee of Dobco Medical Systems for verification of your account request.
Since PACSonWEB provides access to sensitive information, the account cannot be granted before the request has been verified.
For faster access, it is always possible to register for an account through our service desk.
An account can also be requested by sending a mail to the service desk with the following information:
First and last name
E-mail address
Physician number (RIZIV / INSEE / HIN / UCGN / PNB)
Mobile number
The group practice to which you belong (optional)
Such request will be dealt with in a similar way as those, filed, using the web form that can be accessed through 'I don't have a user name and want to request an account'.