Resident - Supervisor workflow
PACSonWEB supports a Resident - Supervisor workflow, allowing a supervisor to validate the report of a resident.
A resident in POW is defined as a user who can edit a report, but not validate it.
This workflow can also be used as a co-author workflow between radiologists.
Resident workflow
The resident creates a report and sends it for review to the supervisor.
When clicked on send for review, the supervisor needs to be selected (this requires a correct external user mapping).
Optional a message can be added to give extra information.
The workflow can end here for the resident if the supervisor validates the report.
However, if the Supervisor chooses to send it back to the author (explained in Supervisor workflow), the resident finds the study in the All my Unread worklist.
The same workflow as above can be followed again until the report is validated.
Supervisor workflow:
The study is shown in the in the "My Reviews" worklist of the supervisor. The status of the study will be: Pending second validation.
To correct the report the resident made, open the study and open the report (if not automatically opened).
When the corrections have been made, the supervisor has following options:
Save and validate: Status Finalized
Back to author (Resident): Status To Validate
Send for review (Another radiologist): Status Pending second validation
Save preliminary: Status To Validate
If back to author is selected, the supervisor can give an optional message to indicate why he is sending the report back.
The resident needs to correct the report again and than has to follow the same workflow as mentioned in the Resident workflow again.
This is done until the report is validated by a Supervisor.
When the report is validated, both signatures (if configured) will be added to the report.